Skate Wild / Skate Camp – something I care about deeply

For the past 6 years (5 of which I have been a teacher) I have participation a wonderful summer camp called YMCA Skate Camp, located about 1.5 hours east of Fresno just outside the gates of the Sequoia National Forest and Kings Canyon National Forest. If you have never been to the Sequoias I highly recommend it.

Welcome to Skate Camp!

Up here at camp I teach for a program called Skate Wild (formerly known as Elemental Awareness). We teach the basics of survival through skills that include – shelter, water, fire, and food. We do that through a series of activities that allow the youth who participate to experience a taste of each of these skills sets.

This place has grown near and dear to my heart. So, on my birthday for the last 2 years I have sponsored a fund raiser to help bring less fortunate youth to skate camp. My first year I was able to raise $1200, the second year $2400, and this year I’m shooting for $5000! (so far after almost 2 weeks we are at apx $1500!)

Frog Catcher!

This is here is an invitation to you to share in this experience by either donating to the cause, sharing it with your friends or asking me how you make be able to become a part of the program!

To make a donation please head over to my FaceBook Page –

This little video is from the program Skate Wild that I teach at Camp. Head over to @skatewildfoundation to see the full video (link in the profile) was to learn more .. link in my bio for the fundraiser! 


Film by my friend @filmalltay

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