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This is me… Tarah Jayne Preston also known as Tarah James but lets not get into that story yet. I am the 3rd born of 4, a prodigy of two loving parents that were one; until they divorced when I was 22. A hard working family that had their own faults, fails and heartbreaks. As well as success and plenty of achievements! I grew up in a town at the bottom of Victoria, along the coast, windy and cold but beautiful beaches. I feel this snapshot of my background is important to get a picture of my beginning before we move on.

So fast forward to now – I am a 29 year old single mum of five amazing kids (yep that’s right, you read correctly five kids), one girl and four boys. Shocked?! Me too. I still wake up every morning and pinch myself and look around the room to see – is this really my life? You see, we get on a path in our lives, where we think we should be, we get so focused on the typical stereotype life of a “good job, husband, kids, nice house, etc. We get so focused on this path a bit like a roller coaster. It’s like we’re in the carriage and we’re locked in. There are ups and downs and all of a sudden the ride stops and we get off and look around… you know that feeling? Over-whelming right! Well I am standing on the platform, with five kids wondering how I got here and where to go now?

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So how do I support my Jackson 5 you ask….?  Well I’m still trying to figure that out. The whole “work/life” balance thing. You know the balance of home, kids, family, work, social, health, fitness and me time… (Me time??) Well my career is my life, except for my babies of course. My job is my passion! I am a Critical Care Nurse in the country town of Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. I work in the Emergency Department and I just love it. I’m the luckiest Nurse alive, and when I say alive it’s because this job literally keeps me alive! I thrive on that place. The thrill of helping people, the thrill of the knowledge and skill needed to help and care for the unwell, people at their weakest. And the team I work with continually lift, support and inspire people. Like I said, that place keeps me alive. Even at my weakest when I feel I am drowning, they lift me! A big reason why I am surviving.

So it’s time to blog it up, Baby! Why? Because I’ve got a story that needs to be heard! Two reasons I want my story out there, one; I believe this is part of my journey to heal. You see this isn’t just my story that was or a story of how I made it. The truth is, this story I am telling you is my nightmare that I am currently living! So I want you to grow, heal and live with me on this journey. And second, corny I know, I want to help others. I want to build awareness, I want to advocate, I want to make a difference. I want to be a voice and change the future or yet, give a future to those who otherwise might not get one.

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So what am I talking about?? Well let me tell you in order, my story starts with,

FirstBeing a young successful working Mumma. I began my life of parenthood at the age of 18 years! That’s right, I was one of those teenagers that took my bestie home with me to break the news that I was 12 weeks pregnant. Let’s just say Dad was a little scary chopping the veggies up that night with his butcher knives (Jokes).

Second My story of Adoption, How I adopted 3 of my beautiful baby boys. I am a proud permanent care mother that has the privilege of being the mother to three boys who used to be known as my nephews.

ThirdDrugs and how I lost my husband and partner of 12 years and the father of my children to the current and all time worse epidemic society has ever had.

FourthBeing a single Mum of my five amazing children. The hardest role ever imaginable. The struggle is real for so many!

Fifth and last but not least, the main topic is my journey with Domestic Violence! My story of how I was betrayed, manipulated and deceived day in and day out by my husband. My story of mental, emotional, financial, sexual, social and physical abuse. My story how I was abused so much and for so long I didn’t even know what was right or wrong anymore! How I kept it hidden from everyone, how I was brilliant at portraying the picture perfect life and my story of how I got myself and my babies out of that home and that life!

So this is my story, Follow me, Grow with me and help me find my way in this crazy world.

This is me….. PickingUpThePieces..

By Tarah Preston

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10 thoughts on “This is me

  1. I am so proud of u Tarah and ur strengh to get up everyday and keep going to put one foot in front of the other to fight and teach ur kids that there is a better life and have the strength to come out the other side, and help others realise they have the strength to get out to, and I will be there every step of the way to help u pick up the pieces and reclaim ur life luv u more xxx mum


  2. Tarah ~ through tears of admiration I applaud you for not only the courage to write this ~ more importantly the strength it took to take yourself outside the cone of violence @ reach out for help. I am with you all the way 💗❤️💗


  3. This is excellent Tara. My hat goes off to you for having the courage to put a face to domestic violence. You are no victim, more like a role model to many to many who have walked in similar shoes to your own. Well done. Your family must be very proud of you.


  4. Tarah very proud of you and i do no from past experience its an extremely difficut life to break out of. As a little girl/ gymnast u showed dedication and determination. Im sure these attributes and with the love and support of your family and friends you will eventually come out the other end with dignity and emoiwerment. Your story is very touching and sadly its an all to often story, which is heartbreaking. Im always here for you if i can help in anyway do not hesitate to ask, i wish you and your family stength and send love n support to you all xxxxx Di


  5. Keep telling your story …… are a brave lady…..I so hope it helps you and many others… has it easy but the tough ones get through it all…..take care. Xxx


  6. Super inspiring Tara! It definitely doesn’t feel like 20 years ago that we were two little gymnasts and you were living at our house! so sorry that your life took a crazy turn that came with heartache and pain, but look how strong and powerful you are now!! You go girl ☺☺☺ following with admiration! Xx


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